Tuesday, May 13, 2008


---Many books and teachings are attributed to Joel Goldsmith. He was the founder of The Infinite Way.

---Why he was so important to me, is, that there was a time I was questioning the legitimacy of any meaning at all, in Christianity. I read one of his books and, finally, it made sense to me. 2 + 2 (suddenly) = 4. Until I read Joel's book, I was NOT able to fit ''the way I learned Christianity, into what I empirically knew to be true.'' I think that their are many, many in that boat.

---A lot of us were taught in a way that relies heavily on blind faith. Reading Joel S. Goldsmith, straightened much out. It was a missing puzzle-piece, for me. Joel and J. Krishnamurti were the two that I spent time reading. The date, above, was my brother, Peter's, 65th birthday.

''We Must Make GOD An Activity Of Consciousness.'' - Joel S. Goldsmith.

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